Sell online on 30+ marketplaces with marketplace aggregator LK.MARKET

Use our cloud platform "LK.MARKET" to automate your sales business processes on marketplaces. Now you can effectively manage sales, taking into account the nuances of each electronic platform, from a single Personal Account of marketplaces. It's simple and convenient!


Everything you need in one account

Manage all of your marketplaces in one place:

  • Product cards
  • Prices
  • Stocks
  • Sales report
  • Predictive analytics
  • Review management
  • Daily notificatons
  • Orders management

How can machine learning increase your sales?

The capabilities of artificial intelligence will allow you to manage sales, therefore predict the demand for goods. As long as your competitors try different approaches and make mistakes, you will know exactly what to do. All data is being gathered by AI, which replaces the expensive product analytics specialist.

  • You'll know what products your customers would want to buy next month
  • Ability to track product popularity on marketplaces
  • Get AI recommendations for product cards appearance to increase conversion

Why it's better to work with us rater than in separate merketplaces?

  • Time economy
  • All orders view
  • Sales analytics and shipment predictions

Fair pricing

Choose plan that is best for you

Buy one year

Perfect for sole entrepreneurs
14 days for free
  • 3 marketplaces
  • 1 company
  • 1 user
  • 1000 product cards
  • Chat support
Small business
For small business

  • 5 marketplaces
  • 3 companies
  • 3 users
  • 5 000 product cards
  • Chat/phone support
Fast international sales start

  • 10 marketplaces
  • 10 companies
  • 10 users
  • 50 000 product cards
  • Priority support
For distributers and service operators

  • 30 marketplaces
  • 30 companies
  • 100 users
  • 500 000 product cards
  • Priority support

Plan for Enterprises

Personalized service, dedicated support team and integrations on demand

From 99 000 rub.

How to get started?

Leave an e-mail on the site – get free access to the service for 14 days - take a training course – start selling. We have created an intuitive interface that is easy and simple to navigate.

How can you help sellers?

We have online chat and phone support If you want to delegate sales management, we can help you! In SellerMARKET, we specialize in sales in marketplaces. Our experts will help you build profitable sales.

Can I use both your service and my personal account on the marketplace at the same time?

Yes, you can simultaneously work in your personal account on the marketplace and in our system. All changes are automatically synchronized between the marketplace and the system.

Can I use your service to work with foreign marketplaces?

Yes, we work with foreign marketplaces, such as Amazon, Ebay, AliExpress, Ebay, etc. All our products support multilingual descriptions for foreign marketplaces.

Got any other questions? Ask them via the feedback form..

Ready to launch a business on the marketplaces?

Manage sales in 5 marketplaces in single account.

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14 days for free.

Our reviews


"It used to be difficult to understand all the nuances of each marketplace. SellerMARKET cleared a lot of things for me"

Marat Sadykov
Sole entrepreneur


"Uploading product cards took very long. With SellerMARKET, you can simply upload photos, descriptions, and make changes with one click.”

Zinaida Makarova
Sales manger


“With the increase in the number of orders the number of errors and the load on accounting systems has increased. SellerMARKET has resolved this issue.”

Vadim Korotchenko
Head of Sales department


“With the SellerMARKET, I know which of my products and categories sell better, which of the marketplaces brings more profit.”

Marina Lipatova
Sole entrepreneur


“I am responsible for reviews, the SellerMARKET is useful to me because I instantly see all the reviews and can easily reply in one place.”

Svetlana Zaharchenko
Marketplace specialist


“With the help of the SellerMARKET, I can analyze the financial performance of the store and plan the profit for months ahead.”

Timur Achmedshin